Super excited to see that my new song ‘Boomerang’ was selected in the semi-finalist 🙂 You can check out the video of my performance here >>> <<< Thanks for listening and for the continued love... read more


I’m pretty sad that YouTube took down my first music video that had over 50K views! But that’s ok. It just pushes me to make better music videos and songs so I can reach the number of views again. I love to write, sing and preform- but I do it for my fans.... read more

New Updates

These past couple weeks have been very mellow, but during that time I have been working on two new songs! I am so exited for these songs to be finished and released. The next show I have coming up is tomorrow at the kulaks woodshed. It is a broadcasted show in North... read more

Working hard

This past weekend was super fun! I performed at the Rubber Ducky regalia to help raise money for the Sam Dixon health centers. I performed my latest song Unstoppable, what a blast!! I have also been fortunate enough to have this whole entire week off of school, which... read more

An ‘Unstoppable’ Day for Kids. By: Gloria Locke

An ‘Unstoppable’ Day for Kids   Where can a family spend five hours of unstoppable free fun, free food, free entertainment, free games, and free prizes?  Did I mention everything is free?   “This place has almost everything you could dream... read more

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who came to ‘Day for Kids’ especially to Thea Stern, Jacqueline Hill & the Elite Dancers! I had so much fun and feel so honored to have been asked to write the theme song for this event. I hope everyone had a great time, I appreciate... read more

Super Excited!

I can not begin to describe the excitement that I have to perform at Day for Kids, sponsored by the Boys & Girls Club and Disney. As you all know, I love singing and it’s even better when I get the privilege to sing for a good cause to help others! I hope to... read more

Boys and Girls Club Day for Kids!

I will be performing at Day for Kids, sponsored by Disney, to promote quality family time together. It’s a pretty big production, for me at least, with backup dancers and tons of rehearsals, but I’m ready and can’t wait. Spoiler alert: I wrote the... read more

Official Hailey Belle Website Live!

We are excited to announce the launch of Hailey’s new website! Now you can listen to Hailey’s newest songs, watch her latest videos, check out her photo gallery, and join her fan club all in one place. Check out  ... read more

Article in Elite Magazine

A Big Shout Out and Thank You to Stephanie Elgin and Elite Magazine for their wonderful article helping me promote Zoe’s. You can read the full article... read more