This is My Story


Hailey Belle is an 18 year old recording artist/songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Her career started at the age of 11, with cover songs on a CD, which she made to raise money for charity. She wrote and recorded her first song, China Doll, when she was 12, and hasn’t stopped since then. With her incredibly intelligent lyrics, and hearth thumping beats, you will be left mesmerized and in awe. She has been interviewed for newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV for her talent and efforts. She was commissioned by the Boys & Girls Club of America to write, record, and perform the annual Day for Kids theme song. She has been invited to co-write with platinum record writers and producers, in California & Nashville, and is loving every minute of the opportunities she’s experienced, learning and growing with every one.

She continues to write, record and perform, as her love and passion for creating inspiring music will never fade.



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